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Thames Valley

Chair: Colin Simmons (
Chartered Champion: Matthew Strickland (
Chartered Champion: Preeta Arora (
Education Outreach Ambassador: John-Paul Hamilton (
Membership Officer: Stephen Sexton (
New Professionals Officer: Marie Lawrence (
Professional Qualifications Officer: Myles Bigland (
SMP Advocate: Vacant


  • Welcome from Thames Valley

    Hi, I’m Colin Simmons, the Chair of the Personal Finance Society Thames Valley region.  We hold our PFS meetings, usually once a quarter, at The Reading FC football stadium where we welcome all members of the Personal Finance Society to attend.  Although we have started to grow our committee and have six members already, we are always looking for like-minded people to join the committee, so if you are interested please do get in touch.

    Our objectives are to support our regional members, as well as promoting the profession to the local community. We also wish to encourage, support and help develop new entrants into financial services and therefore assist you with your succession planning needs. We aim to do this by organising local CPD and networking events for our members and delivering financial education in schools. The aim of this page is to better communicate regional messages and news to you and help you to connect with us and your local peers. We welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions.  You can also find us on the Thames Valley PFS LinkedIn page.



  • Myth Busting webinars

    These 60 minute ‘Myth Busting’ CPD sessions are a series of virtual webinars with a difference!

    Our hosts Colin Simmons Business Development Manager and Les Cameron head of Technical at Prudential present these sessions in their own unique style, covering a number of complex technical subjects in an interactive style with very few slides. The interaction between the two presenters keeps the audience engaged and even with large groups they still encourage audience participation by using the online chat facility on the call.

    Want to know what Linda Bellingham, Steven King, Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption have to do with pension death benefits?

    These are just some of the answers we will provide along with that all important conundrum to university planning… How many Pot Noodles and Jaegermisters could my 18yr old grandchild buy with my generous intergenerational planning, and is there a better way that’s tax efficient and I keep control?

    Demystifying pension death benefits – Tuesday 2nd August, 9.30am

    There is often lots of confusion surrounding the flexibilities and legislation surrounding pension death benefits. Prudential Business Development Manager Colin Simmons & Head of technical Les Cameron are running a session looking at the various aspects of providing pension death benefits but importantly demystifying many of the myths that surround pensions and death.

    During this 60 minute CPD session Colin and Les will look at intergenerational wealth transfer and identifying areas for Advisers to discuss with clients in their usual entertaining format:-

    1. Pensions are IHT free
    2. Only DB transfers have IHT issues
    3. You can only put £3,600 in your child’s pensions
    4. Bypass Trusts are dead
    5. Your family can inherit your pension
    6. Pension death benefits are tax free


    Seven sensational Tax Myths’ CPD accredited session – Tuesday 16th August, 9.30am

    There’s often a lot of confusion surrounding the tax reliefs and subsequent tax benefits available when putting a bespoke financial plan in place for a client. To help clear up this confusion, Prudential Business Development Manager, Colin Simmons and Head of Technical, Les Cameron are running a session looking at a range of tax planning options and helping you better understand and look beyond the myths.

    During this 60 minute CPD session Colin and Les will look at intergenerational wealth transfer and identifying areas for Advisers to discuss with clients in their usual entertaining format:-

    This 60 minute CPD session will cover:

    1. Pensions are IHT free
    2. Only DB transfers have IHT issues
    3. You can only put £3,600 in your child’s pensions.
    4. Bypass Trusts are dead. 
    5. Your family can inherit your pension.
    6. Pension death benefits are tax free.
    7. You get £12,570 personal allowance tax free



  • 2022 Thames Valley Regional Conferences

    We are really pleased to have successfully returned to a full program of Face-to-Face events in 2022 and look forward to rounding off the year with by meeting more members and bringing you more great content. Click on the link below to register your place.

    We are currently finalising the list of conferences and events for 2023 and will be sharing these with you soon.

    More events, organised by your regional committee will be advertised in due course. If you have any suggestions for local events you would like to see, please contact your committee.


  • Our Reading partner Charity – Launchpad

    Kirsti Wilson and Vicki Lewis from Launchpad attended our March Thames Valley regional conference as our partner charity, and we thought you might like to know more about this amazing charity which has been supporting vulnerable people in Reading since 1979.

    Launchpad is Reading’s leading homelessness prevention charity, providing vital information and support for individuals, couples and families who don’t have a stable place to live or are at risk of losing their homes. Their offices have stayed open throughout the pandemic, and last year they helped over 800 people in housing crisis in Reading to get back on their feet. 

    You can help Launchpad by:

    • Helping raise awareness of their services with your friends, colleagues and family (especially if they have been affected during the pandemic, following redundancy, etc) or are likely to struggle in light of this year’s economic challenges) as you never know who may need their help
    • Sharing their details with any business or individual clients who are looking for an established local charity to support, or to leave a legacy to
    • Making a one off or monthly donation, please visit:
    • Participating in one of their events or fundraising on their behalf:
    • Volunteering as a charity ambassador to provide talks and introduce the charity to other businesses, schools, etc

    If you’d like to know more, please visit the website or email Kirsti and Vicki at




    If you haven’t visited the website yet, now is the time.

    Explore the extensive digital hub for financial planning skills, where brand new content is added every week, including a weekly live webinar delivered by expert practitioners and coaches. Our top rated webinars include topics such as ‘finesse your first meetings’; ‘how to get a million in revenue’ and ‘how to politely screen your clients’.

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