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Herts, Middlesex & Bedfordshire

Chair: Jeff Barnes DipPFS,Certs CII(MP & ER) (
Chartered Champion: Aidan Vaughan (
Education Outreach Ambassador: Yogesh Nakarja (
Membership Officer: Vacant
New Professionals Officer: Vacant
SMP Advocate: Vacant
Professional Qualifications Officer: Vacant
Committee Support Officer: Vacant


  • Welcome from Herts, Middlesex & Bedfordshire

    We are now the Hertfordshire, Middlesex and Bedfordshire region of the Personal Finance Society. 

    Takes me back to when I was regional Chair when the LIA merged with SOFA to become the PFS – some fifteen years ago – at that time it was Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire LIA that then became Hertfordshire and Middlesex PFS – so historically Bedfordshire was in the title and covered areas outside of Watford. 

    It has been a challenging time for everyone – being affected either personally or professionally by the impact of Covid.

    Regional meetings are the core value to the membership – allowing interaction between PFS members as well keeping up-to-date on financial services matters and education – we are working towards their return.

    There was pleasing interest from some of you at the last physical meeting on joining the committee – it is not onerous and I have always seen being on the committee as a way of giving back to my colleagues and the profession – so please come on board and help your region grow – as we look to re-establish physical meetings and get the buzz going again.

    The region is looking to spring back into action – please come and share my enthusiasm and commitment to the region.

    Jeff Barnes DipPFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)
    Regional Chair


  • 2022 Herts, Middlesex & Bedfordshire Regional Conferences

    We are really pleased to be returning to a full program of Face-to-Face events in 2022 and below are some dates for our Herts, Middlesex & Bedfordshire regional events. Please save them in your diary, registration details will follow soon.

    More events, organised by your regional committee will be advertised in due course. If you have any suggestions for local events you would like to see, please contact your committee.




    If you haven’t visited the website yet, now is the time.

    Explore the extensive digital hub for financial planning skills, where brand new content is added every week, including a weekly live webinar delivered by expert practitioners and coaches. Our top rated webinars include topics such as ‘finesse your first meetings’; ‘how to get a million in revenue’ and ‘how to politely screen your clients’.

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  • How sustainable investing can combat the squeeze on Inheritance Tax

    Webinar: Watch On Demand.

    In February Hiten Parmar of Foresight Group joined us to discuss the key benefits of business relief, where Business Relief is appropriate in client portfolios and how sustainable investing can benefit Business Relief funds.

    With allowances static, and house prices rising there has never been more people likely to be affected by IHT. With IHT receipts rising by 4% in the 20/21 financial year and an expected rise again in 21/22, it brings up the question on how we can mitigate this tax in the most effective way.

    Watch this and many more CPD qualifying webinars in our PFS Digital Library!


  • Have we forgotten that markets fall too?!

    Since the bottom of the market in March 2020, investors enjoyed the benefits of a potent combination of fiscal and monetary stimulus, vaccine success and the release of pent-up consumer demand. Markets have had a constant flow of catalysts to drive prices higher and valuations have soared as a result. However the possible collapse of Chinese property firm Evergrande has set the cat amongst the pigeons with investors asking if this is “China’s Lehmans moment?” Our session will seek to remind us that corrections are a normal function of efficient markets and that for successful investors longer term trends dominate short term noise.

    Catch up on the webinar presented by Rathbones, here.