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Central Scotland

Co-Chair: Richard Libberton FPFS (
Co-Chair: Lisa Johnstone APFS (
Chartered Champion: Vacant
Education Outreach Ambassador: Kirsty Anderson (
Membership Officer: Vacant
New Professionals Officer: Kelly Devlin APFS (
Professional Qualifications Officer: Vacant
SMP Advocate: Vacant

  • Welcome from Central Scotland

    Hi, I am Richard Libberton and along with Lisa Johnstone, we co-chair the Central Scotland region.

    Our Committee is always keen to hear the views of members in our region, so please do get in touch if you have any questions or if you have anything you wish to share.

    Richard & Lisa


  • 2022 Central Scotland Regional Conferences

    We are really pleased to have successfully returned to a full program of Face-to-Face events in 2022 and look forward to rounding off the year with by meeting more members and bringing you more great content. Click on the link below to register your place.

    We are currently finalising the list of conferences and events for 2023 and will be sharing these with you soon.

    More events organised by your regional committee will be advertised in due course. If you have any suggestions for local events you would like to see, please contact your committee.

    2023 date will be available to book soon




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