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A Changing World: Opportunities for Financial Advisers

With £5.5 trillion set to pass between generations over the next 30 years, it is clear that this wealth transfer represents one of the greatest opportunities for the financial advice sector. Yet, generational shifts in attitudes and ways of accessing financial services means that engaging the next generation represents one of the greatest challenges too. What’s more, with the Covid-19 pandemic causing individuals to take stock of both their physical and financial health, considerations of wealth transfer are accelerating, highlighting the need for financial advice now more than ever.

VitalityInvest will explore this relatively untapped area for financial advisers. A greater understanding of this target market and how to approach them effectively will provide an exciting growth area for advisers, offering greater longevity to their business model. The presentation will unpack the expectations of this new target market, provide practical steps to engage with future beneficiaries and consider the role of product design in satisfying their needs.”

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